Will Kellogg Will Kellogg Have you ever heard of Tony The Tiger? What about the big rooster on the front of the cornflake box? These all are attributed to one Will Kellogg. He first worked as a broom salesman then he begin to work with his brother Dr. John H Kellogg. Then he invented a cornflake, which was one of his best ideas ever. In 1895 vegetarianism was coming into society. Will Kellogg wanted to make nuts and grains appealing to people so they would accommodate the vegetarians. So he worked with wheat and eventually he formed wheat flakes.

His small town of Battle Creek was going through a stage where it was known as ” The Health food City” This idea was soon lost and he came up with the idea of corn flakes. His new ideas and factories brought new employment opportunities to the small town of Battle Creek. Kellogg’s ideas gave the American economy a new type of health food, which provided more jobs in manufacturing and advertising. The impacts of cornflakes may not be significant, but it changed how people eat their breakfast. Life in America changed when Kellogg invented cornflakes. When he invented cornflakes, wheat flakes were a thing of the past.

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Now, cereal was healthy and it tasted good. Business in America was changed with cornflakes because now Kellogg was an entrepreneur and was part of an oligopoly, but with differation. There were always wheat flake companies, but he changed it by making cornflakes instead. Not only did he change breakfast, Kellogg advertised his product with cartoon characters and created a bold legend that says “None genuine without this signature- W.K. Kellogg.” Not only did he advance in breakfast food he made many advancements in advertisement.

The W.K. Kellogg Company and he achieved great financial success with his line of breakfast foods. He also revolutionized the world’s breakfast and eating habits. Kellogg pioneered in advertising campaigns to promote a product. This has changed the American way of life forever.

Although, Will Kellogg did not succeeded with his first type of cereal and he had competition with forty-two other wheat flake manufactures including Charles Post he invented a new product and it is a multimillion dollar company. History Essays.