One day a long, long time ago, a beautiful white horse came trotting through the wood that lead to a marvelous rainbow waterfall. When a flash of beautiful colors caught her eye. Then, the white horse looked more carefully and she realized that it was a Rainbow Bird, gliding over the Rainbow Lake that had caught her reflection. The white horse came closer and the bird flew closer and landed on a nearby log.
“Hello, my name is Fleece,” exclaimed the bird. “Hello,” said the white horse. “Don’t you have a name?” whined the bird. “No,I’m afraid I don’t,” said the horse.
“Well, may I have the honor of naming you?” asked Fleece. “Why, yes, of course!” exclaimed the white horse. “Well, let me see. How about Narina? Yes, I’ll name you, Narina. Do you like your name?” asked Fleece. “Yes, I do!” said the horse. “Fine,
Narina and Fleece played almost everyday together. They were the very best of friends. They liked playing under the waterfall and the went swimming in the crystal clear lake almost every day.
One evening Fleece told Narina that he was sick and might not see the morning light again. This broke Narina’s heart. She tried not to worry, but she had to. To please Fleece, Narina went to the waterfall and fixed him his favorite meal, his last meal.Fleece’s favorite meal was Rainbow water, with Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla Cream pie.
In the morning, Narina checked on Fleece. He was dead, but peaceful. While she was looking at here friend Fleece, Narina felt something funny on her right and left hip. When she looked, she saw Fleece’s rainbow colored wings. Narnia was happy that she had a part of her best friend.
After a few years, Narina got over the loss of her best friend and was very excited to be a winged horse. Narina still lived in the wood by the waterfall and thought of Fleece every day.
One very, very sunny morning , Narina heard the soft bells of an ice cream wagon. A very grouch owl (probably because he’s supposed to be sleeping at that time of the day) bought rainbow sherbet in a cone. The grouchy owl took his sherbet and flew
up into a tree over Narina’s head. Next, a greedy pigeon came and headed straight for the owl’s cone! The pigeon knocked the cone out of the owls grip and it landed on Narina’s head.
The rainbow sherbet was sticky and made beautiful rainbow stripes all over Narnia’s body. The sherbet was so sticky that Narina couldn’t get the cone off her head. And the beautiful sticky stripes wouldn’t come off either………And now you know
why Unicorns have wings and a horn!!!
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