.. raise the water to the third level. Now put on your iron boots and sink to the bottom. Go through the north passage all the way then turn around and face up. You should see a longshot target, so fire your longshot at it.

Now turn around to see a locked door with a longshot target above it. Fire the longshot over there to get to the door. Now open it and get to a room with many tektites and whirlpools. Put your iron boots on and jump in so you don’t get sucked down the whirlpool. When you get to the other side, get up to the ledge and open the door.

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Now you will get to a room with a switch. Now jump up to the left ledge and blow up the wall with bombs. Now push the block as far as it will go and get back to the room. Go to the other side of the water and blow up the wall there. Now pull the block until you go as far as you can.

Then go back to the other hole and then push the block down on to the switch. This will raise the water allowing you to go to the door above the ledge. Now go up the ledges to the door and open it. Now you will be in a room with a switch. Step on the switch and then quickly jump across the spouts to the next door.

Open the door to come to a passageway. Walk straight and wait until the boulder falls, then put your iron boots on and go right and down the passageway under the waterfall. Now past the clam and up to the locked door. Open it to find the BIG KEY. Now head back to the main room.

Now head to the third floor and open the boss door across on one of the ledges. Run up the path not getting hit by spikes, then go to the next room. This is where you will fight Morpha. Morpha [Image]The Boss of the Water Temple is probably one of the most unique in the game. Morpha is an amoeba, which can control the water of the Water Temple. To awaken her from her sleep jump onto one of the platforms located in the pool of water. Enter Morpha! Jump to the outer ring of the pool.

This is where you must stay during the fight, because the last place you want to be is in the water or on a small platform. Watch out, because spikes line the walls. Morpha has two attacks. One is where her water arm grabs you, flails her water tentacle in the air with you in her grip, and casts you aside like a rag doll. The other is where she grabs you and pulls you underwater, then you’ll have to resurface and get out.

All you have to do is dodge these water tentacles. She will create two at a time; each one will attack simultaneously. One arm will bat at you. Avoid it and it will hit the ground. Now use the longshot to pull Morpha out of her tentacle when she surges up though it.

Watch out, because the other arm is still there! If you don’t get her the first time try again. You get about three chances if you are standing close enough. Now that she is out of her water home she is vulnerable. She will start to bounce away, slash her. Don’t use a power swing or jump slash because they rarely work. Morpha will eventually find her way back to the water.

Don’t wait around for more arms. Get by the side of the pool and use the longshot again. She moves fast, but you can get her. If not just wait for the arms to come back. Slash again. Repeat until she dies.

All of the water will pull up out of the arena. You must now go to the well to find the Eye of Truth. How to get in The bottom of the well : Head to Kakariko Village. You will talk to Sheik who will teach you the Nocturne of Shadow. Now go to the windmill and talk to the guy in there.

When he is done, take out your ocarina. He will teach you the Song of the Storms. Now you must go back in time. Go to the Temple of Time and put your Master Sword back in it’s holder. This will take you back in time. You’ll need Din’s fire to advance later, so if you don’t have it head to the castle.

Climb the vines, and go over the castle gate. Now go over to the boulder and blow up the rock. This will make an entrance to a Great Fairie Fountain. Now stand on the Triforce and play Zelda’s Lullaby to get Din’s Fire. Now go to Kakariko Village as young Link.

Go to the Windmill and play the Song of Storms. This will drain all of the water out of the well. Now go into the well. The bottom of the well : The whole point of the bottom of the well is to get the eye of truth. Go through the hole and jump off the ledge.

Now kill the spider and walk through the wall – thats right, through the wall. Now go to the left and follow the river until you get to a path on the left. Take it and you should be in front of a big gate. Jump off the ledge and take the path through the bottom. Now you must climb up the vines and go through the door.

You should be in a room with many tombs. Get a Deku Stick out and light it on the lit torch. Now go to the top left tomb (looking at it from the top) and light the torch next to it. This will open the tomb with a key inside it. Take the key and exit the door. Now go back to the main room.

Go to where you first entered the room with water at. Walk straight, past the logs, going through walls. Do not step under the two pieces of wood with blood under them. Now keep walking straight until you get to a Triforce on the ground. Stand on the Triforce and play Zelda’s Lullaby.

This should stop the water. Now go back to the main room and jump down the ledge where the grate is at. Go through the hole to the left, until you get to a room. Defeat the spider and walk up the vines and into the next room. Now you must defeat the walking white thing once it appears.

Wait until it puts it’s head low, then hit it’s head. Now get the Eye of Truth out of the chest. Play the Nocturne of Shadow to get to the Shadow Temple entrance. [Falco-X] End of part four * Go to Menu * Go to Part 5 Go to TOP “Hyrule: the land of Zelda” 1998-1999 “Zelda” is a registered trademark of Nintendo Inc. The material presented here is property of “HYRULE: The Land of Zelda” and might not be used in any way without the written permission of the creators.