This is one of the best days you could possibly have. If you have a guy or a girl in your life this is one of the most exciting days of the year. You get to spoil each other as much as you want. For instance; you can get them flowers by the dozens, or chocolates by the pounds. The only bad thing about this day is the fact that eating all that chocolate can make you very fat. After spoiling your mate with all of this they still expect more because they are so damn greedy. So you have to take them out to eat at a fancy restaurant where the cheapest meal is about $50 and they have to order the most expensive thing everytime. Even though half the time they don’t even hardly touch the main course, they were to busy pigging out on all of the breads and soups that you get for free.

Then when you get mad at them for ordering the most expensive meal and not eating it, they get pissed at you and decide whether you two should really be together. Right after you just spent all of that money on them.
So remember what i said. Always be careful when spoiling that special someone in your life. They might get used to all that attention and expect it all the time. So before spoiling them next time just think to yourself “can i really afford to do this all the time”. If not do not go overboard.

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