protection because the total revenue did not exceed the variable costs that was incurred in the barial of people that wish to be baried in their cementary. Article #1Date: November 2, 1999
Week # 1Source: Toronto Star
“Lowen posts small profit”
This article deals with accounting principals in economics. In the past year this company has been fighting bankruptc
The company is now operating with a profit. This shows that the company is covering their variable costs with the level of output that is generated. Even though this company is operating with a huge debt of $2.2 billion.

Article #2Date: November 3, 1999
Week #1Source: Toronto Star
“Restructuring sinks Molson’s profits”
This article deals with accounting in economics. The main part in the accounting phase in economics is that changing their production method in the brewery. With the restructuring Molson’s profits are down from $30.8 million in second quarter profits. This shows even if this company has changed the method of production, the variable costs increased but the earned revenue was sufficient to pay all the total costs that were incurred.

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Article# B1Date: November 5, 1999
Week #2Source: Toronto Star
“Pfizer bids for Warner-Lambert”
This article looks at financial statements that does not tell the whole story of three companies that are expected to join as one. This article describes the financial statements of three companies. The financial statements do not show the implicit costs of making the products that are produced, as well as not mentioning the degree of importance of the labour that is used to make these major brands of products.