The Roaring 20s INTRODUCTION The Twenties wan a decade which condidted of many well know events and famous people. In which made the twenties part of out history today, such events and people that made history in the twenties were Al Capone the well mnow mafia leader from Chicago, Charlie Chaplain of the silent movies, the annual Montreal Carninval in Canada, and the 60th anniversary of canada in 1927. But these events and people are only a quarter of the history help in the 1920’s. ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment in the Twenties consisted of many famous people, it was in the twenties when a man by the name of Walt “Elias” Disney (1901-66) a cartoonest born in Chicago, in which he later graduated and later started his own animation company which he introduced Disney’s most popular ans enduring cartoon characters “MICKEY MOUSE” in 1928. During the twenties MICKEY entertained Canadians in such films as “Steam Boat Willie” (1928). Other great cartoon films done be Disney include “Skeleton Dance” in (1929).

The silent movies of the twenties is nothing to compaire with the voiced movies we have today. The actors had to show alot of facial and bady expressions to get the veiwers to understand what was happening in the film. The most talented actor’s in the twenties were Charlie Chaplai who was known for his “tramp” look, Keaton with his stone facial expressions (because he showed no emotion) and the famous romatic Radolph Valintino. These three and many more entertained Canadians through the twenties. In 1926 the voice era was coming in effect by Warner Brothers by the Vitaphone. In 1927 Warner Brothers finally completed the first sound picture called “The Jazz Singer” To canadains evenings were not spent infront of t.v.

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Instead they would listen to the radio. One for the radio stations listened to was CKCL. They would listen to mostly music and live plays. Most of the music they listened to was Jazz, and of course those were the days of the popular ballroom dancing with the big bands. Other ways of entertainment were by newspapers and books, One of the novels was “Strange Fugitives”. Back in the twenties Canadains authors produced 50 best sellins Fashion When the first world war ended a new stage was set for a new fashion.

Such signs of fashion change was already happening. The loosening of fit and gradual downward movement of te wasteline. In the twenties women could say and do what they please so in no time women were wearing make-up be max factor which was a house hold name and wearing bobbed hair styles which made them look exotic. In 1924 women changed there hair styles to short so they can wear cloches . Street choes switched to highbuttoned to low cut pumps and saddle oxfords. Socks went from balck and white wool to cotton,to beige silk and rayon. Socks became really noticable when the skirts gradually became shorter .

1923 arrived and so did the new style of skirt which now went from ankle to middle of calf. Men would have worn double breast suits,lose set of pockets or they would wear cardigans and khaki pants to match there socks or visa-versa. The children had a style of there own. For the boys they wore trousers and shirt which had a khaki appearance. As for the girls they had khaki skirt and a top with a full pleated waist band.

People People of the twenties were not all rich and but even the poor found a way in having fun and living confortably. The average home would have a wood stove which kept the house warm and cook their meals. To supply the head in the house they would have to spend hours cutting down wood due to electrical power hasn’t come to their villages yet, but to them this is a good life. Usually the new immigrants that come over from different countries stayed together as a family and helped each other in paying the rent and for food. Such gatherings that happened during the twenties were the annual Taxi picnic and the famous Montreal carnival which hosted the annual winter beauty contest.

Also the Canadian winters were fun for kids big and small. The twenties were a time of poor poverty so the people stuck together as one. Conclusion I conclude that the twenties were hard on poor people and good for rich people, but the twenties were more than two different sides, it was a decade of great joy and happenings. They were in a land of freedom of war and beauty, which the Group of Seven shows in their paintings. Besides, of all the problems that arose, the Canadian were proud to be in the twenties.