The Passport? Jeff Lund 2-10-2000 English 100 Bruce Reid When people know they are ready to move to the next level, they visualize a mind set of the next step. They have to mentally prepare and determine whether or not they are ready to face a tougher challenge. In this case point, English 105 is the next level. English 105 involves Argumentative writing and critical analysis of basic human issues. In other words, it is a college composition class.

Every English class I have taken, I have always known what was expected in that class. English 105 without a doubt is a tough class, but I am willing and ready to take that challenge. During highschool, I have always been interested in taking English courses. Throughout those classes, I have taken in information that has developed me into an intelligent human being. My communication skills are good. People can clearly understand what I’m talking about.

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I’ve always received a higher than average grade point in English. The most important tool I have used for something new is to expect the unexpected. Always expect harder and be ready for surprises. Those words have gotten me far in life and I believe they prove effective. There were plenty of times when I received surprise quizzes and even tests.

Many people wouldn’t have been ready because they were never told about these events. I on the other hand, don’t trust the schedules that are handed out to me. I take the time and read and study. Sometimes I will go ahead if I feel the need for adventure. This only makes me that much more ready.

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