.. verjoyed to see the memorable gift. Unfortunately, Peter was devastated to hear that the poison used to kill his father had been found in that box. Peter was arrested, tried, and sent to the Needle for life. Since Peter was royalty, he wouldn’t be sentenced to death but instead sentenced to live the rest of his life atop the tower through cold, heat, and loneliness. If Peter had been Thomas or any other man, he would’ve given up and died soon enough.

Peter always had hope, and searched constantly for a way to escape. It didn’t take Peter long to earn the respect of the disgusting gentlemen in charge of him. Eventually, they would bring him almost anything he desired, for a price. Peter had no money; therefore, he tried his luck with an old friend. He had a letter delivered to Penya, and he agreed to help in any way possible. Penya, after receiving Peter’s letter, chose to believe in Peter’s innocence. He vowed to do everything in his power to free Peter. To keep Peter’s newly earned privilege, he used it sparingly.

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He asked for his mother’s dollhouse and a napkin with each meal. As no one would’ve guess, Peter had a plan already in effect. From each napkin, Peter pulled five strands of fabric. This may seem like very little, but it began to add up. Using the working loom in his mother’s dollhouse, he began making a rope.

Things in Delain had become awful for the villagers. With Flagg ruling through Thomas, taxes had been raised, bankers had to become more strict with mortgages, and a great fear fell over the land. Because of this, many people began to leave their homes, farms, and life’s work to hide in the forest. Penya was included in the move. The forest provided a safe place of refuge and the grounds to plan for a revolt.

In this newly formed community, the majority had decided that Peter was to be somehow rescued. This would be their next move. Upon his escape, they were to make their own decision concerning his guilt. (Though many already believed firmly in his innocence, there would still be a vote.) The trip was already a difficult one, but to make matters worse, it was midwinter. Means of travel were simply by foot, unless one was fortunate enough to have a team of dogs and a sled. Penya had sent two people, Ben and Naomi, to go to try to rescue Peter.

The two travelers were fortunate enough to have Naomi’s sled team. This cut the long trip down to a day and a half. Once inside the village, there was no plan, but the two were determined. It was difficult to sneak into the kingdom and even trickier to get into the village square where the Needle was located. Peter must have had the same type of feeling flowing that night as the rescue team did because he was preparing for his escape just as Naomi and Ben arrived.

It would’ve worked out perfectly if Flagg hadn’t been watching from his crystal ball. Flagg had gone to the Needle to stop Peter’s escape. Peter began preparing his rope as Flagg began climbing the three hundred stairs to the top. Peter was half way down the rope when Flagg reached the top, but Flagg watched the rope break. When Peter was about one hundred feet above the ground, his hands froze and he couldn’t move.

He had lost feeling in his hands and moving would risk a fall. The rope was only made of napkin cotton and broke, just as Flagg had imagined. Peter fell and thought he had less of a second to live, but his friends were truly great. Not only did they risk their lives through the cold to get there, risk their heads for helping a criminal escape, and wait for Peter at the bottom of the needle, but they had also made him a huge bed of napkins in case of his fall. Each gave a different estimate at the size of the pile, but it was said to be twenty feet high. Peter landed squarely in the middle of the napkin and wasn’t quite sure if he was alive.

His friends ecstatically rushed to him, knowing they had little time to make an escape. There were tired guards just now arriving. This would be a big problem to most, but not Peter. With almost all the courage he had left, he simply told the guards that he was king, and he didn’t kill his father. The let him pass. After spending all that time in the Needle, Peter had uncovered the truth about Flagg.

On the way to the castle, Peter explained to his friends how Flagg had been trying to destroy Delain for centuries and he explained his plan. Peter had to reach his father’s bow and arrow used to kill Niner, because it was the only idea he had to destroy Flagg. The heroic trio reached Roland’s chambers and the bow and arrow were gone. Flagg, who had been fresh on their trail the entire way, reached the chamber almost immediately after them and was pounding on the door. Ben and Naomi had their weapons drawn and ready, though Peter knew these wouldn’t stand a chance against the wizard.

Flagg was never one to rush into things and make hasty decisions, so once inside the door, they all talked. Flagg expressed his guilt for the murder of Roland, vowing to kill all he had just confessed to. Peter told Flagg he would never get away with it, and Flagg’s reply was simply a smile. After a few moments of silence, Flagg told them that no one had seen him enter Roland’s room that night, only Peter was seen entering the room. At this, Thomas, who had been hiding in the shadows, spoke up.

Thomas told everyone that he had been watching that night through the eyes of Niner and with his father’ bow, show Flagg in the left eye. After being hit, Flagg disappeared. This was quite an ending to quite a book. Most of the villagers had believed strongly in Peter, but gave up on him too quickly when accused. Three characters persuade the truth and did what they knew was right.

It was because of them, this book had a happy ending. Book Reports.