.. osocialism will produce stagflation, not wealth. There is yet another problem that of unemployment. Around ten percent of the EUs labor force is currently unemployed. More than 16 million people are out of work.

So far, all the efforts to reform the labor market have proved to be unfruitful, and there is little planning towards how to reduce this problem in the near future. However, many believe that once further differences between nations of the EU are resolved, there will be jobs for everyone, and the unemployment rate should rapidly drop. There is also the question of sovereignty. The question is: Who will rule the European Union? It will be vital that member nations forgo their sovereignty in order for the European Union to work. Smaller nations fear that in the long run, the larger nations will call the shots and refuse to accept decisions that could harm the larger nations own interests.

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And the larger nations are not willing to give up their rank and high position. One government official even said: My country was born to lead, not serve. These are just a few of the many large obstacles that block the way to European Unity. The EU will have to overcome problems like economic disparity, war, unemployment, and nationalism.While great steps have been taken towards unifying Europe, there are many more steps yet to come. So the question remains, will the European Union serve to benefit Europe on the whole, or will it be a cause for great sorrow and pain? Indeed, there is much cause for optimism.

The economy and peace of all the countries on a whole have increased dramatically. And the EU has made great steps in the direction of unity. However, there is also much cause for pessimism. This Eurosocialism has many people on edge, and some are beginning to believe that the EU is of, by, and for bureaucrats. The problems with unemployment, unrest, and sovereignty are too great to be ignored, and have yet to be resolved. The fact remains, that all of these problems facing Europe, are problems that every country in the world faces in one way or another. Whether they are united or not.

So far, no solutions have been put forth to fix any of these problems. The progress that has been made towards European Unification, while great indeed, is clearly not enough to ensure that the European Union will succeed. Unless some drastic advances occur with these problems, the European Union is doomed to failure. Bibliography Book: Biskup, Micheal. European Unification Will Strengthen Europe. Europe. Greenhaven Press, 1992.

pg. 28-36 I was able to get a good idea of what people had in mind, when they created the European Union. I learned many things about the goals and the hopes that went into making the EU, as well as the many dangers that come along with not doing it correctly. The information helped me to get an opposing viewpoint on my thesis statement. Aiding me in arguing my point to a fuller extent.

I believe that while biased, this source was credible, in that it presented the facts of what people wanted for the European Union. This source proved to be very valuable, and I couldnt have written my paper well without it. Biskup, Micheal. European Unification Will Weaken Europe. Europe. Greenhaven Press, 1992. pg.

52-56 This essay gave me a good idea of how the European Union will weaken Europe, I learned much about the Eurosocialism that now pervades the EU, as well as many other interesting facts. This source aided me greatly in the writing of my paper, and proving my thesis, because it was on the same topic. It gave facts that could not be denied, and it also showed how the problems in the EU are problems that all countries in the world face. I believe this source too was biased, yet credible. Because it gave true facts.

This source was a very very valuable recource, and I was able to glean much for my paper from it. Periodical: Will Europe Really Unite? Awake! April 22, 2000, pg. 3-8 This article went into describing the EUs problems and delimas that it is currently facing. It gave many facts as to financial issues and unemployment. This was by far on of the most usefull and relyable sources that I could find.

I was able to use this article for proving my thesis, because it showed how all of these many problems, are things that everyone faces, and nobody has come up with an answer yet to solve them. This source was very credible, it had parenthetical citations on the facts it used, and showed how it drew the conclusions that it did. This source was the most usefull source I could find in giving the facts, like they were, without any bias. Website: The European Union: In The US Date updated: 4/15/00 http://www.eurunion.org/ Date of access: 4/15/00 With this web site, I was able to be introduced into the world of the European Union. It contains links to hundereds of articles and other sites all having to do with the European Union, in all its aspects.

It is updated daily, so I found it to be very credible. This site enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the EU, and I gained much knoledge from it. I found it to be very credible. This source was also very usefull, and I was able to learn much from it. Policies of the European Union Date updated: 1999 http://europa.eu.int/pol/index-en.htm Date of access: 4/17/00 This web site showed me the many legal documents that the EU has made, including rules on just about anything you could think of. It has all of the EUs policies in every area. This information helped me to get a deeper understanding of the EU, along with seeing how incredibly socialist some of it has become.

This source was very credible, showing the legal documents used. This source restated the facts in previous sources, proving them. The European Union Date updated: 1999 http://s700.uminho.pt/ec.html Date of access: 4/17/00 This web site had the various countries that had joined the EU, including an interactive map to gain more information on them. This site aided me in gaining the names of the countries affiliated with the EU. It is very credible, stating well known facts. It proved usefull, though not vital.

Encyclopedia: Results for European Union search Date updated: 1999 http://www.encyclopedia.com/articles/04281.html Date of access: 4/15/00 This online encyclopedia had many articles on overviews of the EU. It was semi-usefull in making my paper, but not vital. Because it just repeated information I had found elsewhere. I found it to be very credible, because its from an encyclopedia! This source restated some fact that were said in my other sources, proving them to be actually factual. Interview: (note: I was unable to find an interview. In all my searches on the web, I could not find an email address with which to contact somebody who could help me out in this.

I did search though, but unfortunatley could not find an interview).