Teens Should Have Part-time Jobs Having a job as a teen can be a difficult task, but most teens are responsible enough to work. Its a good experience to apply, interview, and keep a job. You learn to work with and get along with all kinds of people. You also meet new friends. My opinion concerning working teens is that most can handle the pressure and the responsibility. Working helps a teen learn responsibility.

Teens must be able to fill out an application and answer questions about themselves and their abilities. After getting the job, a teen has to be at work on time. Sometimes they have to sacrifice fun activities because of their job. Teens also have to do a job well and perform with 100% of their skills. They should not just half way do a job, just because they are lazy or dont feel like doing it. Working, teaches teens what it will be like to hold a job when they are adults, and what a big responsibility it is.

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They also will already have working experience. Working teens are too busy to get into trouble. Fewer teens would be on the street, if more teens held a job. If more teens got jobs, there would most likely be a lot less graffiti on walls and buildings. The crime rate among teens would drop drastically.

Gangs would not be hanging out on the street, instead they would be serving themselves and the community. The number of car related accidents among teens would decrease, keeping the roads safe for other drivers as well as pedestrians. Having a job could help a teen have enough money to open a checking or savings account. A savings account will help the teen save money for college, a car, or other large expenses for the future. It pays interest which makes the account built up faster.

A checking account can teach a teen how to balance a checkbook and how to write a check. It will show them how to keep up with how much money they have and how to manage that money wisely. Having a checking account can help you stay on a budget if you need to make a car payment or other payment each month. Teens can earn extra money to spend on themselves instead of bumming money off of their mother or father every time they need something. For instance, if a teen got a job at a convenience store they could get paid minimum wage.

Minimum wage is $5.25, which could average up to $630.00 a month or $7,560 a year, depending on how many hours are worked. Most teens love listening to music, and they buy CDs or tapes to listen to. A job would help pay for these. Some teens are lucky enough to have a car to drive. Therefore, they will need money for gas, for the expensive insurance they must have, and for all the extras like carwashes,or getting it fixed, or tune-ups.

Some teens could help out their parents with utility bills, food, and other expenses. Having a job as a teen is a huge responsibility, but it can also be rewarding. It builds social skills by helping the teen learn to work with all kind of people in different situations. It builds job skills and responsibility. It also builds financial skills by teaching a teen to deal with money at the place they work at and how to manage their own money. All teens should have the opportunity to get a job, if they desire.