Teen Sex Stats Alarming Statistics: – 1 of 10 women b/w 15-19 years of age get pregnant every year, 83% are unwanted or unplanned – 50% of unmarried teens who get pregnant do so within six months of their first sexual experience – approx. 50-60% of adolescent girls and 75% od adolescent boys have had sexual intercourse by the time they graduate from high school – 61% male and 48% female high school students engage in sexual intercourse – as of 1992, 54% of all high school students are coitally experienced, the majority do not use condoms consistently – only 40% of girls who leave high school because of pregnany will graduate from high school, only 2% will graduate from college before 29 years old – a growing number of adolescents are having sexual intercourse before the age of 13 – 40% of all adolescent females will become pregnant before they graduate from high school – almost 1.1 million teen pregnancies will end in abortion or miscarrige – of 500,000 births occurring in adolescents girls each year, 31,000 occur in girls under 15 – 3 million 13-19 year old are infected with STDs not including HIV or AIDS – STD’s infect 10,000 13-21 year olds yearly – estimated 10-12 million Americans have STDs – 15-19 year olds accounted for 24% of reported cases of Gonorhea – incidence of clamydia of infertility is reported to be 5-30% in sexually active ttens – average age for initiation of sexcual intercourse is now mid-late adolescense – United States holds the highest rate of teen pregnancy of any delevoped nation Human Sexuality.