Taming Of The Shrew (Kathrina’s Evolution) TAMING OF THE SHREW Katherina’s Evolution Katherina in my opinion is smart and quick witted. I do not feel sorry for her because she brought her situation on herself by letting Bianca and her father harass her. Katherina is shown to be a shrew at the start of the play. As we delve into the play we find that Katherina is not really a shrew but a caring and loving person. She acts shrewish because she feels inferior to her younger sister who has three suitors.

Katherina acts like a shrew most of the time because it is the only way she knows how to get anyone’s attention, positive or negative. Katherina has a great desire for a husband to love and care for her. She is lucky that her father will not let Bianca get married because if this happens, Kate will be forgotten and would never get married. Kate is fortunate enough to have a rich father because somebody is bound to marry her because of her worth. Petruchio is looking for a rich girl to marry. Petruchio is not only in the wedding for money.

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He is attracted to Kate because of her fiery disposition, her reputation of being a shrew and how violent she was. Petruchio turns out to be a smart, understanding and patient man. Katherina is lucky to have a man who cares for her like this and who wishes to tame her. He is attempting to train this wild Kate, who has become even more vicious, because of the lack of suitors. Petruchio intends to tame Kate by denying her clothes and food. He is clever to do this because it is just like a cult where they deprive you of food and you lose the ability to make your own choices. I feel sorry for Kate right now because she is going to become very hungry and wild.

She might injure herself in the taming process. Petruchio also shows her understanding and love. I feel the Petruchio is ambitious to go after Kate. He knows that she is worth the effort. Petruchio figures that he will be able to tame Kate and make their marriage work. It is all a game to him and he is the one who makes up the rules so he will not lose. Katherina is lucky to have married a man who looks for more than beauty in a girl. Petruchio is smart to tame Kate because Kate turns out to be a wonderful wife.

Bianca now that she is married, acts like Kate the shrew. She turns into a rude dependant woman who thinks she is G-D’s gift to the world and takes a lot of things for granted. She should realise how everybody hated Kate because of her behaviour and now she is acting that way. In my opinion she should wake up and smell the roses. Kate should become a role model for the other wives.

We first see how Kate really cares for her husband, when the guys at the dinner table place a bet on their wives. When the Widow is called she sends a message to her husband that she is busy and so does Bianca. Kate however comes immediately when she is called she brings the other two wives with her. I feel that the speech she gave after being called was the icing on the cake. It was a total shock for the whole town to see how well her beloved Petruchio tamed her and how well mannered she became.

Kate taught these woman a lesson because she could show them her transformation and Petruchios kindness. I think that Kate has come to terms with her new self. She enjoys being nice. She loves her new husband. She would no longer think about killing herself or hurting somebody because of her misery. Kate has undergone this change due to outside pressure applied by Petruchio.

She loves her new life. She enjoys cleaning her house and telling the servants what to do. She loves to wear fancy clothes and huge hats. This was a big change from her old self when she destroyed the house and wore drab clothing. Over all I feel that Kate was a huge play enlightener.

Without her the play would be flat indeed. Her liveliness gives action and spark to this drama. Without Kate the play would have no meaning at all. Kate was my favourite character because she has a lot of personality, lots of will power and is an interesting personality. Shakespeare Essays.