Summary on The Birds
Two humans, Euelpides and Pithetaerus, set out with a jay and crow to find Epops. The discuss with Epops how the birds are mightier then the humans and gods and should build their great city. Epops then calls some birds around and they all come. At first, they thought some trespassers had come so they attacked the two humans, but then stopped to listen to what the humans wanted to say. The humans told of how they were the greatest, greater then man and god, and how they should build their great city between the heavens and the earth. They then speak of the ways in which birds are greater then man and god, and the birds are finally persuaded. They start building the city, which they named Nephelococcygian. Many visitors come to check the city out, and he chases them all away. After the visitors their wall is finished. Its a massive wall that can let two chariots pass each other, but the most significant thing is that the birds built the whole wall all by themselves! After this though, a messenger comes with news that a god has passed through the gates and is inside their city. The immortal finally appears and is Iris. She thinks Pithetaerus is crazy when he tries to stop her and says that she is breaking many of their laws. She leaves to tell her father of the news and the people offer Pithetaerus a golden crown. After that incident, some people come to have some wings. Prometheus comes by later and says that Zeus is done for as there is no man that is sacrificing to the gods, all the humans love the birds. Some gods come later and they offer peace with Pithetaerus and the birds as they want no war. Pitheraerus agrees for peace if Zeus hands his sceptre to the birds and lets Basileia marry Pithetaerus. The gods return later with what Pithetaerus demands, and they get married.

Category: Mythology

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