In examining the Song of Roland, the notes of Gloria K Fiero were use. During the reign of King Charlemagne, epic stories were used to entice warriors before they went to war. The Song of Roland is just one of those epic yet dramatic stories that was used to get a desired effect. In the paragraphs below I will be looking at a different heroic deeds that honored a warrior, his lord and his religion.

An example of heroic deeds that honored warriors is my lord noble lord, I pray you, give me leave, For our companions, the men we held so dear, must not be left abandoned now in death. I want to go and seek out every one, carry them here, and place them at your feet. This was after the battle had ended and all the warriors were wounded or dead.

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An example of deeds honoring his lord, King Charlemagne, is Strike with your lance, and Ill wield Durendal. The king himself presented it to me and if I die, whoever takes my sword can say its master has nobly served his lord. Roland thinks so highly of King Charlemagne and gave his life proving that.

An example of deeds honoring his religion isthe French dismount; they kneel upon the ground. Then the archbishop, blessing them in Gods name, told them, for penance, to strike when battle came. This was before the battle had begun; the archbishop was blessing the warrior before they went into battle.
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