Piercing People get piercing for several different reasons. They might not always be the right reason but they still get them. People get body piercing due to peer pressure. Other people get piercing to fit into a certain group that they want to be included into. Some teenagers get piercing to be rebellious against their parents.

Others get it done because they see a piercing as something beautiful and want to add that beauty to their own body. Some people even get it done simply for sexual stimulation of that particular body part that is pierced. The main age group that seems to get piercing is 17-25 even though there are some grandmas out there getting all pierced up. In todays society people judge people by their piercings. Society is and has been stuck on visual judgment.

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All different types of people get piercing just society makes the choice to judge people like that. Even though most people think the same way society does doesnt mean that society is always right. We all think like society sometime in our life even if it isnt right to do so. I know I have caught myself making some comment about someone and not even knowing the person. In many different countries piercing is a way to show leadership in tribes.

Even though body piercing have been going on for hundreds of years many people today think that its just some new trend that all the drug addicts are doing. Which is not true. I mean look at me do I look like I would have a nipple ring. The history of body piercing goes back quite a ways. It goes all the way back to the Roman and Victorian time when body piecing was not uncommon at all.

Many of the Romans got piecing only to show strength and manhood. With the Victorian women and men the had piercing done for sexually pleasure and to show of sexuality to others. Even today their are tribes in central Africa that use body piecing as part of a religious ritual. So no matter if people think that all this body piecing going on in the United States is something new they are completely wrong. Sociology.