Common sense ways of becoming greener are avoiding transportation
that uses air polluting fuel, selecting energy saving appliances, choosing
clothing and accessories made from earth friendly substances, recycling,
and shopping locally. When avoiding transportation with air polluting
fuels you can try going places by foot or riding a bicycle. You can also
try carpooling or use mass transportation whenever possible. When choosing
eco friendly clothing try getting things with labels that say organic
because these products are made without pesticides. Also, try wearing
accessories that are made by low impact materials. Vintage is also cool
and eco friendly. Recycling paper and plastics from your home can also
lead you to a bigger step towards turning green. Also shopping locally can
avoid the waste of materials and fuel (EHOW 2008).

These reasons to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle are excellent;
however, they are also insufficient. For one, we have been using non-
renewal able fossil fuels both by burning them and converting them to
products that do not bio degrade and instead create more CO2, which
creates holes in the atmosphere. This then allows the full force of
radiation from the sun to “bake” the planet. Also, adding to the problem
is the fact that we are using tremendous amounts of the earth’s resources
and adding to the garbage that is currently unconvertible to energy or
usable matter (CLIMATE 2008).

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In conclusion, if everyone in the world stopped polluting and begin
keeping their environment clean it would help. Global warming many not be
stopped but it can be reduced. We may not be able to stop the process
entirely, but we can try to keep the climate from reaching a point that we
can’t stop it.

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