Night Terrors Night Terrors Night terrors are relatively common occurrence that appears mostly in young children typically between the ages of three and five year olds. A night terror usually occurs after the child goes to bed. Night terrors can be hereditary. If you or your spouse had them as a young child, most likely your child will get them too. Night Terrors are not harming to your child.

It is best if they just sleep through it because when they wake up it is likley for them to not remember a thing about it. ( r.htm.) A night terror is not the same thing as a nightmare. Nightmares occur during the dream phase of sleep known as the REM sleep. A nightmare will frighten the child who will wake up and tell you all about it. A night terror will occur after 90 minutes after the child goes to sleep. In a night terror the person?s eyes can be wide open and will still be a sleep.

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When the child does wake up from the night terror they can?t usually explain what happened. However some can remember the whole thing and some can remember portions of it.(http/ Some symptoms and facts of night terrors are screaming, sweating, confusion, rapid heart rate, unable to explain what happened. FACTS OF NIGHT TERRORS ? run in families ? are not dangerous ? can last 10-2o minutes ? Can happen at any age 6months to 100 years old. Why does your child have night terrors? Fatigue and psychological stress may also play roles in their occurrence. Its important that your child gets plenty of rest. Beware of things that may be upsetting to you child.

Try to cut down the stress that your child will be having. The night terror usually occurs at the same time everynight. Doctors suggest that you wake up your child 30-minutes before the night terror usually happens. Have your child talk to you. Keep her talking for at least five minutes. Then let her go back to sleep.

Night terrors are frightening but not harmful.( health.prg/parent/behavior/nightter.html) Doctors say that it’s best for you to let the episode run it’s course. Skating your child up and Screaming at them will only make them agitated more. You should always worhouse guests, babysitters family members of the problem so no one gets frighten. There is really no cure for night Terrors or nightmares. Just always remember let then rub there course your child can not be harmed for them. Allow yourself to be available when they wake up to listen or comfort them.