Beachfront travel
2303 NW. Island drive
Bahamas, 45367-1234
(454) 345-6789Fax: (454) 302-3423
November 17, 2002
Ms. Linda Duke
800 University Drive
Maryville, MO 64468
Dear Ms. Duke:
Beachfront Travel has been dedicated to customer satisfaction for over a decade now and has achieved this goal by giving its customers excellent chances to travel at extremely low costs. We hope that you and your family enjoyed your weeklong trip with nothing but fun in the sun down here in the Bahamas.

It was greatly appreciated that your family toured and was interested in a time share condominium down here, however I apologize that we are unable to accept your application due to the fact that you do not hold any sort of credit. All you need to do is develop a good line of credit over about a years time and our creditors will surely approve you. There would be many other benefits to building good credit as well because of the chance to invest in life long treasures.
We at Beachfront Travel would like to offer you with a chance to meet with Ever Star Mortgage, the company that handles most of our mortgage cases. This would get you started in a smart and easy plan to build up your credit. Please contact the telephone number above if you would be interested. Or just send us a fax if that is your preference.
We will be anxiously waiting to hear from you Ms. Duke because we at Beachfront Travel will keep our word in providing the best customer service you will ever receive as long as we can help it. Thank you for your time and patience.

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John Smith, CEO
Beachfront Travel