Christian Kuczmarski
Professor Pagano
English 101
7 February 2002
My Magical Visit
I remember the visit like it was yesterday. The year was 1990, and it was the month of June. I hadn’t been off for more than two weeks, and I was bored out of my mind. It really takes a lot to keep a seven year old busy. That’s when it happened. My dad told me that tomorrow we would be going to visit somewhere special. He told me that he also visited this place when he was a kid. I remember the night before we left, I couldn’t sleep at all.
That somewhere special was his family’s summer home, which was located in Attica, New York. He said it was a real treat to go there, because he had lived in the city. His mother, who is my grandma, used to take the children there for weeks on end during the summer months. Now it was my turn. I finally got the opportunity to see why going out there was so special.
To this day, I can still picture the car ride up there quite well. At that time my dad was driving in a white Ford Taurus. We were staying the weekend, so we each packed a bag with a couple of changes of clothes. We also packed some good food, because my dad and I love to eat. I can still remember my dad cranking up the radio, which was blasting out the tunes on Oldies 104. I also remember the warm summer breeze that was hitting my face as we rolled down the long country roads.
Although it only took forty-five minutes to get there, I must have asked, “Are we there yet?” about five times. Finally my dad said that we would be there in a little less than five minutes. We turned right on Nesbit, which is the road where the house is located. The road was made of stones. I can still hear the stones shooting up against the wheel wells as the car roared down the road. Finally, we arrived at the summer home and pulled into the driveway.

The white house with red shutters that was set back about five acres. The house included two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a dining room. There were also two giant pole barns that were located to the left of the house. Pine trees outlined the massive plot of land. There was also a giant field, which was about forty acres in size. The aroma of the air also seemed to be different to what I was used to. The whole landscape made me feel so relaxed.
That was just the beginning of this relaxed feeling. My dad and I took a walk down a narrow path, which led into the woods. After walking for about five minutes we finally reached our destination. The sight had me in total awe. The reservoir was like a picture from a travel brochure. I can never forget how peaceful this area was. I felt like an angel that was resting on a cloud in the heavens. It was a gigantic reservoir that was surrounded by trees of all different sorts. The water was so crystal clear that it made me want to take a drink from it. My dad told me that his brothers and he used to fish for hours here when they used to come. The only negative part of the reservoir was that you couldn’t go swimming in it because it was the residents’ drinking water. Instead my dad and I went for a quick tour in the canoe.
After that we headed back to the house to eat some lunch. I remember it was a typical lunch that you eat in the summer time. It included hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, and an assortment of different kinds of pop. After our lunch, it was time for the real fun to start. We would now be riding the all terrain vehicles on the many trails. Almost everyone had ATV’s out there, so they didn’t care if you rode on their property. We went through thick wooded areas, big open fields, and several mud pits. We were having so much fun, that we lost track of time. It was already dinnertime and that meant it was time to head back.
By that time my Uncle Jim was there and had already started to cook dinner. He was making homemade pizza with french fries. That was one of my favorite dishes at the time, so I figured my dad had told him to make that. Dinner was excellent, and it was now time to play one of my favorite board games. I chose to play monopoly with my dad and my uncle. By the time nine o’clock had rolled around, I was extremely exhausted from having so much fun. I remember lying down on the bed with the really soft mattress and falling a sleep in no more than five minutes.
I will remember that weekend for the rest of my life. This became a tradition that my dad and I have been doing for about ten years now. As I have gotten older, I have begun to visit this special place on my own. My dad had made me keys to the house and told me to use it whenever I wanted. For the past three years my friends and I have thrown many parties there and have made many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. One day I hope to have a son that I can share this special joy with, just like my dad and his grandpa, and my dad and me.

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