Motorcycle Boy Number of Pages:122 I believe that the story “Rumble Fish” has a very plausible plot because it’s about a boy who is a former gang member and always gets into fights. The boy’s name is Russel James, he is fourteen, he likes to fight, he always gets in trouble, and isn’t very smart. The boy gets into trouble by fighting, getting drunk, and stealing, throughout the story, but instead of realizing he has got to stop and change his life around, he get in more and more trouble. In my opinion the story is plausible because the boy is telling the story and he mentions things such as drugs, fights, stealing, gangs, and drinking and smoking. Which is very present in our society today.

I would have to say that if anything this story was sad, because at the end of the story Russel’s older brother, the Motorcycle Boy, was shot when he tried freeing the Rumble Fish from the pet store. That would probably be the main reason the story was sad, besides the fact that Russel’s friend Steve had his mother put in the hospital after she became ill. I didn’t really like the book because of the fact that there was no real big action in the story. Not to mention, that the Motorcycle Boy was one of the strangest characters I had ever read about. He was so weird that no one in the story really understood the way he thought.

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He was like an outsider. I think there was good character development in the story because the author wrote the story so that the main character (Russel) often explained to the reader about things that happened in the past to both him, and the other characters. There was realistic character action in the story because the characters didn’t do things like fly around in the clouds, or see through walls, they did normal stuff that anyone I know could do. If you don’t like or don’t care if there’s alot of action in a book then I would recommend this book to you. On the other hand , if you like a lot of action, and don’t like book without action, then I would not recommend this book for you.

i think the most effective port of the story was when the Motorcycle Boy was shot. This event shocked me and totally caught me off guard. If anything I would expect Russell to get shot. Probably because Russell seems to be more of a trouble maker than Motorcycle Boy. I thought the book was alright but the one thing I didn’t like about the book was that the action wasn’t there. I like books with a lot of action, but this book didn’t have it.