Melting Pot Melting or Boiling Are all people are created equally? No matter the race, religion, or ethnic background. This is all true, but are people who are different treated equally. There is a long history of racially motivated predijuices that we all face every day. That is why that we are more of a boiling pot rather than a melting pot. I feel that we coexist, we don’t live in hormone.

The united states is more of a boiling pot because of the differences that make up our country. There are many different religions that people are involved with in our country. This is one of the reasons why we do not have a national religion. The problem of not having a national religion is that we are not bound together by any common religious principles. An example of how much religious differences can affect a country is Yugoslavia.

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We Have not come to that much of a boil over religious differences but there are people who dislike someone else because of the differences of religion. I am Jewish and sometimes I will hear comments about my religion. These thoughts lead me to believe that the United States is not a melting pot. History Essays.