Hi my name is Andrew Archerbald. I am a thirty five year
old banker and have been doing my job for ten years. I am married
and have three children. My family and I are also apart of the
Anglican church. I have been an Anglican all my life. I am
currently living in York, in Upper Canada, and am also apart of
the Conservative government party. (A Tory)
Lord Durham’s Report is the biggest bunch of horse turd I
have read in a while! The Bloak is trying to abolishing the Clergy
Reserves which belong to are Anglican churchs, which we need to
sell off or rent out when the churches need to be maintained. His
plan is totally unfair to the members of the Anglican church
because if he abolishes the Clergy Reserves than where are we
going to find the money to maintained our churches.

If Durham’s plan follows through, me and the other people
who belong to the Anglican churches of Upper Canada will be
terrible disgusted. Say, if I were Durham I would make everyone
join the Anglican churches. Then there would be no conflicts,
arguments on what to do with the Clergy reserves and other items

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