Richard Milton spent some twenty years studying the geology and palaeontology of the British Isles before writing Shattering the Myths of Darwinism.

“It was the absence of transitional fossilsthat first made me question Darwin’s idea of gradual change.”
“I realised, too, that the procedures used to date rocks were circular.Rocks are used to date fossils: fossils are used to date rocks.”
“From here I began to think the unthinkable: could Darwinism be scientifically flawed?”
“I became an almost daily visitor at the Natural History Museum, looking more closely again at all the famous evidence I had been taught about:the evolution of horses, Archaeopteryx — half-reptile, half-bird — the peppered moth, theGalapagos finches and all the other totems of Darwinism.”
“One after another they crumbled as I subjected them to even routine journalistic scrutiny.At first I thought I must be mistaken — then I began to discover one byone the many scientists around the world who had already realised the emperor has no clothes, but who cannot speak out without jeopardising their careers and even their jobs.”
“At this point my long years as a journalist took over and I started turning over stone after stone and making one amazing discovery after another.”

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