By: James Kirby Martin and others
May 11, 2004
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Journal # 9
The article “Lizzie Borden” by James Kirby Martin, he writes about
the man named Andrew Borden. He was cheap, although a big businessman. He
always saved money and he hated to spend money. He lived his entire life
making and saving money. Even though he had a lot of money, he lived in a
business district flat. Andrew never lived like a wealthy man. By 1892, he
had amassed over a half million dollars, he controlled the Fall River
Saving Bank, and he served as the director of Globe Yard Mill Company, The
First National Bank, the try cotton and manufacturing company. Andrew also
used his time wisely as well as money, and from flats he could conveniently
walk to work. Andrew had two daughters named Lizzie and Emma, whose eyes
and dreams were focused on living in the houses on the hill where wealthy
and upper class people lived. Andrew use kerosene to light his house
because it was less expensive. To save even more money, he and his family
frequently sat in the dark. In august 1892, strange things started to
happen in Andrew’s house. His daughters found out that Andrew changed his
will. His wife Abby told her neighborhood doctor that she had been
poisoned, and Andrew refused to listen to herunbelievableideas.

Thereafter Lizzie went shopping for poison because she claimed that she
needed to clean her sealskin cape, but the pharmacist refused her request.

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On the next day Andrew left for work and Bridget, the maid, went outside to
do her work. This left Emma and Lizzie in the house alone, Abby went to bed
in the guest room. Then somebody did something very grisly.Someone went
to Abby’s room, unobserved, and murdered her with an ax. Andrew came home
early than usual for lunch, and asked Lizzie about Abby and Lizzie replied
that she did not know. Andrew was not feeling well so, he laid down on the
sofa and never awoke. Later, Lizzie discovered that her father died. Lizzie
called Bridget and told her that their father died, and said she believes
someone murdered him. Everyone came to the conclusion that Lizzie killed
her father and step mother. Lizzie is guilty, but the newspaper and
television reported that she is innocent.

When I was in India, I had one neighbor who was so cheap. They do not
even use their lights in their home. They come to my house to do their
work. They come and sit in my house at evening time so they don’t have to
use their electricity. If people works and saves the money, then there is
no point of saving money. Because god gave us only one life, if something
happens tomorrow, whose going to spend all those money you saved. So if a
person wants to live, live like a happy person.