Lawrence Cleveland The moment that we shared when our eyes first made contact, I knew that since that time, that our time would be more than that. You have proven to me that in this age one can truly trust. The feelings that I share for you are surely more than lust. Can you trust this person who sweeps you off your feet? But, you wonder if you pass me up will you ever find a lover so sweet. I have opened up my heart to you, hoping that you will do the same for me. I am ready this very instant, to with you and only you, spend the rest of eternity.

Hold my hand my love as I take you to the stars. I cant give you everything, I promise you my heart. My eyes are only for you and my words will only grace your ears. Run into my arms as I embrace you and wipe away your tears. The Days of Yesterday Oh, how the days of yesterday are gone. Like a fallen warrior whose time has passed on.

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The days of yesterday are gone for days much stranger. And in that mystery comes some danger. Days of know responsibility are quite seldom. How can I bare such a heavy burden. Strange faces, mean looks, and danger are what the future brings. But, if you remember your past you can still lift your head and sing.

Have you? Have you ever known someone who could have been anything he wanted to be? But, in his heart couldnt find the heart to achieve. Or, have you ever walked past an open door? But, since you didnt look in couldnt find more. Have you ever seen a cover of a book but didnt pick it up? You will never know because you never bothered to look. Have you ever known a girl who was smart but to shy? If she would have opened her mouth, vast opportunities wouldnt have passed her by. Have you ever met someone who charmed you till you cried? But, because of a simple arguement, youll never know what they had inside.

If you go through life scared to take a risk, Youll never know what you have really missed.