World War 2 had just ended and Korea soon became a split nation. The Northern part of Korea was ruled by the Soviets and they were communists. The Southern part was supported by the Americans and they were non-communists. Both the United States and Soviet Union had taken most of their troops from northern and southern Korea. The Soviets thought that the United States would never defend South Korea so, the Soviets supplied the North with many weapons and artillery to takeover the Southern Peninsula. The North Koreans were planning a surprise attack upon South Korea on June 25 across the 38th parallel. It took North Koreans no time at all to get deep into South Korea. They pursued in their harsh random attacks until the South were finally fed up. South Korea got very upset because of these random attacks and asked the Americans if they would help them and intervene. The Americans did indeed intercede in with the South and was an extreme help to them. Douglas MacAurthur was also a big help towards South Korea. He planned many attacks for the South Koreans to plant upon the North . In 1950, the South and United States attacked the North Koreans. The North were attacked and half of them surrendered. The rest of the North had to retreat. The United States continued pushing the North back further and further to gain control. The Northern Chinese began to feel threatened by the Americans and the War in Korea turned into a the war of Chinese against Americans. Both the North and South Korea battled back and forth until the UN drove the North back through the 38th parallel and gained control over all of South Korea.


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