It’s Common Sense That Animals Do Suffer Many people and animal right activists object to having animals used in experiments. The animals used in medical research are put through experiment to help find cures for the well being of mankind, but somewhere down the line, some of these animals are tormented and tortured. Most of the researchers or animal abusers are caught and brought to court because of the heinous acts committed against these creatures and the excuse most animal abusers use is that animals do not suffer because they cannot communicate or express feelings. The author of Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, argues that animals do suffer and most animals can communicate and express their feelings, such as pain. He states this clearly when he says, Most people agree unhesitatingly that animals like cats and dogs can and do suffer.

Many animals, such as mammals and birds communicate pain through, whimpering, yelping, and whining. Also, if animals did not suffer, then why would there be a law that prohibits cruelty towards animals. This law fines and even incarcerates people who abuse animals. Moreover, this law infers that animals do suffer and also, that they do have rights against inflicted, and unnecessary pain. In addition, one reason why people experiment with animals and do not care if the are hurting them is because animals do not have a language and cannot voice their feelings — so they say. Science research found that chimpanzees ( a species similar to humans) can communicate and have a developed language.

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But what about infants? Infants cannot talk. So, are the not able to suffer because they lack a language? Why are these medical experiments not performed on infants? If animals do not hurt because they cannot communicate, then why can we not say the same for human babies? All in all, medical researchers are using animals to come up with cure for the many diseases and viruses humans bear. Think about it? these experiments are not done on humans because human people would feel pain, suffer, and even due to the torturing tests, so animals are used instead because their bodies work similarly to the human body (after being said that nonhumans are do different from humans). Moreover, we can assume that for an experiment to be successful and the cure be considered safe for humans, the animal’s body must function comparable to the human body. Animals have a heart, have a brain , have a nervous system, and have blood just like people, therefore, indeed, animals do feel pain and suffer. Bibliography N/A.