edu reading group while she worked with the other groups. The Title Math Challenge was on TV between Lloyd Estates and two other schools so we attempted to finish our reading groups before 10:00. We did not finish in time for the entire program but saw about half of it. After lunch I took the class from the lunchroom outside while Mrs. L. went to check her mailbox. I assisted two students with typing their own stories on the computer. We went to a meeting
II. Ivan is an ESOL student whom I helped with his math worksheet. I had him and another girl read the problem aloud for us. Then I asked them to write the numbers in the correct positions and work the problems. When Ivan got one wrong I had him use the manipulatives to count with. He needs a lot of practice counting out loud in English.
III. Mrs. L. gave effective academic feedback about the children’s writing papers. She said that some of you did a good job, others had some mistakes and will have to fix the papers. She is also making the students accountable for their work. She said remember that we are trying to learn juicy words. Mrs. L. is very good with management of seatwork/homework. First thing in the morning she reads from the board the schedule for centers that the students will go to first second and so on. The group number is written in red for the benefit of the ESOL students. If the students are finished with their work they are to raise their hands and then she will allow them to go to the next center during which time her reading groups are not interrupted. This is a good example of withitness. During the reading group time Mrs. L. gave academic praise to the children who answered her questions. She kept asking until each student understood the concept of an adjective and was able to answer correctly.

IV. One teaching strategy that Mrs. L uses is to sing “Who is ready who is ready let me see, let me see who’s ready let me see” after coming in from recess. This works very well to get the children’s attention. They immediately know that it is time for math.

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