When someone is characterized as a hero they are often someone, who is very selfless, brave and is of distinguished valor. They challenge people to some how or another follow in their footsteps, and are often models to our society. Often inspiring and showing them that no matter what they should reach for the stars. Hero’s strive to find the best in people and not just in them.
Men such as Siddhartha, Moses and the Great Odysseus each show their special qualities of heroes, and all were of admirable accomplishments. These great men gave us hope when we thought there was none, and helped us realize that life isn’t just about helping yourself, it’s about helping man kind.

During the time when the Egyptians were taking over the Hebrews, there was a man by the name of Moses. His mother to save his life put Moses into a river. Moses was found by the pharaohs’ daughter, his life was spared and she adopted him. He was named Moses because it means drawn from the water. Moses was chosen by god to save his people. He had things going on in his life that interfered with doing the mission God wanted him to do, but with God by his side he eventually found faith in God and became very successful. He knew that no matter what was ahead of him he would succeed. Moses and God spoke with eachother, and god gave him specific directions on what he wanted and how he wanted it done. Moses didn’t want to lead the Jews out of Egypt, except he was chosen by God, and he can’t disappoint him. And soon after Moses rose to the challenge and lead his people out of Egypt.

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The Odyssey shows us Odysseus as the ideal hero who is a human with God like capabilities. Odysseus shows and displays his courage and fearlessness to us even when all the odds are against him. With all of that he still was able to beat the odds and return home and save his family from the horrible suitors, taking over his home.

We come to understand Odysseus through his trial and tribulations, we see him as a great man, a man who is a great conqueror and from this we begin to see him as a hero.

So what kind of hero Is Odysseus? We are shown that in some ways he is almost a tragic hero, this is because always is just an inch away from reaching the goal of getting home and then something happens so he is pulled far away again. Odysseus is put
through so much for such a long period of time yet he still manages to overcome it and become a great hero.

Searching for knowledge we meet Siddhartha, a man who gives up everything for
his goal of finding nirvana and himself. The only thing Siddhartha uses to reach his goal are his senses. All he wants to be is himself, but his sense is being covered by his knowledge. It is during this time Siddhartha finally realizes that he doesn’t know his “self” and now see that he has avoided finding it his whole life. We are shown that part of the journey he goes through is realizing that even though he has great knowledge, it isn’t enough without the experience. He realizes that experience can be gained through practicing knowledge, not just thinking you have the experience and no how to do what you want. He just like Moses and Odysseus goes right to the very end of his journey refusing to give into his helplessness during any point.

All of these heroes have helped show us that the power of your spirit and your will, will win over everything even if it seems it won’t. Heroes have shown us and have given us the hope we need for a better way of life. A hero not only displays the characteristics of great courage, strength, and smarts but also helps us see that we have the ability to beat or enemies if we so choose. All three characters Moses, Odysseus, and Siddhartha all have these qualities and more. They have a heart too, as well as being honest and loyal. Moses gave us the hope we needed to beat the Egyptians, while also inspiring us to keep our faith in God. Odysseus showed us that no matter what, don’t give up on hope and faith that you will get where you want to be. He did this by surviving all the obstacle thrown to him, while he was on his way home to his wife and son. And Siddhartha showed us that no matter what do not lose yourself. He showed us that all of or answers are within us and you will never find them if you lose yourself. All these men have good characteristics we look for in a great Hero.