Glory The movie Glory showed the tensions that existed between the people that lived in that period. Racial conflicts, as well as conflicts among those of the same race, gave the war a strong foundation. The tensions varied from skin color, moral differences, political differences, to even geographical differences. Whether dealing with race or location some of these tensions are present today. The movie Glory contained excellent examples of tension between characters.

Colonel Shaw stands out as being different from the other white men of the time by not being afraid to speak his mind. Shaw thought that all the men were equal, no matter their color or upbringing. However, Captain Forbes, a long time friend of Shaw, was a man that agreed wholly with Shaw. When one of the members of the contraband left without permission, he felt that Colonel Shaws punishment was exceedingly harsh. In contrast, Shaw felt the punishment fit the crime of attempted desertion. This conflict brought the viewer to put into question Colonel Shaws true beliefs. In spite of that, this feeling of Colonel Shaw was a racist man was later removed by his subsequent actions. There was not only conflict, but there was a certain type of connection that occurred during the war.

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Colonel Shaw asked which one of the men would have the honor of carrying the flag, and Thomas volunteered. The two men were friends since childhood, and this act showed the bond between them. Thomas was like Colonel Shaw in many ways. He wanted to fight for the interests of the Union, and like Colonel Shaw, he put all he had on the line, including his freedom. Many men were like Colonel Shaw in this regard, as with any person that fights today, life is in the line of fire, both in front of the gun and in front of society. Thomas and Tripp were shown in the film to have a relationship that was filled with dislike for one another upbringing. Tripp disapproved of how Thomas escaped the harsh life of slavery; he proved this by calling him snowflake and boy. These comments were used to refer to him as acting white, when his only fault was being educated. Thomas mostly ignored Tripps comments and crude behavior to prove to him self and others that he was not on the same level as Tripp.

Today this type of conflict is seen in people that refer to others as acting a color. Tension shown in the movie, are imbedded in the thoughts of our society. They may not be premeditated, but since many our actions are done by emulation, there is hope for change. Change is underway in the minds of many people in this nation already, it will continue until everyone can accept people for who they are and not their race or beliefs. Whether dealing with race or location some of these tensions are present today.

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