Globalization For many years black people in the United States have struggled for their rights and their piece of the American dream. Now that the world is moving toward a new global era the African American person, worker and human has been left out of this turn in the century and, the system is letting them hang their selves. Globalization has made it so that anyone with the right equipment and knowledge can chat or do business anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of a couple of buttons. Globalization is making the gap between the races bigger every day, and it seems that no body is slowing down to lend a helping hand. Globalization has placed a new standard on the way we live today. Because now that we have reached the technological revolution, you must have a computer or ready access to one to be considered up to date with the world.

There was a time when it was unheard of not to have more than one television in your home. Or if you didnt have cable you must have been poor. Is being poor a new kind of crime, a crime that says if you cant log on you are suppose to be were you are, at the bottom. In “ghettos” across America I bet you can count on your fingers and toes how many people have a computer in their house, and I am not talking about a play-station or dream-cast. Is globalization the new apartheid in the United States? Is this away for our land of the free to keep the hold on the poor and lower middle class minorities? Are black people free in the coming of globalization? In Clarence Lusanes book: Race In The Global Era, he talks of automation and its effect on black workers.

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Lusane shows us that not all blacks are effected by globalization. For instance Michael Jordan and other ball players that have these big shoe deals. Now these sports super stars have their faces and name all over the product but have no say so in how, where, or who will make the product. The funny thing about it is that some commercial ads are to catch the eye of inner city black youth. I remember when I wanted that new Michael Jordan shoe, but my mother could not afford it.

Now the commercials are geared for the black youths but the unemployment rate of blacks is two times higher than whites, working the same job. Lusane has quotes from Rifkin notes, Sidney Wilhems, and Holly Sklar that powerfully show the effect on black Americans in globalization. “The story of automations effect on African Americans is one of the least known yet most salient episodes in the social history of the twentieth century.” The Rifkin notes “Wilhems predicted that African Americans were being made obsolete as workers by new technologies.” “While some workers have jobs with no future, others have futures with no jobs.” Holly Sklar Automation has played a major role in the decline of industrial jobs for blacks. Rifkin calls automation a salient episode; it seems that automation is like a disease or even a plague for some black workers. Wilhelm also uses words like uselessness, and displaced Negro, to describe what is happening to the African American worker, no future is said by Sklar. These are strong words being used here to describe the effect on the majority of a minority. Now Companys can us machines to do job in factories and all other industrial work that was done by blacks.

So if they have no jobs and they are becoming useless and displaced than where and what are the blacks to do, where is their future? Lusane writes about a study done in Ontario over an eight-year period of time that showed that the black imprisonment grew 204 percent, and the white was 23 percent. Plus the whites that committed the same drug crimes were released at twice the rate of blacks. For the middle and lower class blacks is this the new placement and their future, jail? Since the 1970s the manufacturing employment in the U.S. has lost about 1.4million jobs, from 1978-1990. Some of the hardest places hit were Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and my hometown St. Louis.

These are all places that have a high crime rate in the city and of course predominantly all black. I can remember when GM closed down in St. Louis; it was the largest plant in the city. The plant was more than three city blocks long and wide. Thousands of people lost their jobs and soon after the crime rate jumped up. This was in the mid-1980s.

The reason I remember is because my grandparents house was broken two time in less than one year. That wasnt the only factory that shut down either. My grandfather and both of my uncles worked in a packinghouse factory. Lusane also talks about how new investors seem to start new manufactures out in the suburban areas where predominantly only white people live. To add to it this is foreign and domestic investors that are doing this.

“Its not that they have less education, experience, or seniority. The difference has nothing to do with job performance..Blacks are fired more often because of their skin color..Rank didnt help. Black senior managers went out the door as often as black clerks.” The Mercury News Now everything they tell you in school has nothing to do with nothing if you are black? All the hard work that a black person might do to move up in a company can all be taken away because of their skin color, and from this article quote is says nothing of class. Its just being black. The same study showed that only one out of every one hundred appeal was over-turned. So black workers are in a no win situation.

Lusane goes further about how the National American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is taking more jobs out of the hands of black workers and placed these jobs over seas. Black women are also losing a sexiest and raciest battle in globalization. They are paid 56 percent less than a black male doing the same job. Lusane also writes about how in the black community of Washington D.C. were blacks are 64 percent of the population.

But they own less than10 percent of the business. It is sad that a black high school graduate is more likely to be unemployed than a white high school drop out. “Some analysts have argued that African Americans and the working population in general should prepare for the 21st century by reeducation themselves in the areas of high technology and computer science.” Who are these analysts, and where are they to get the reeducating from? Because most black high school students dont have a good education in the first place. Young blacks need to understand who people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X died. Even before their time know why black slaves were beaten if they caught reading or writing.

I dont think the inner city black youth under stand what and why it was against the law to educate a black slave. With out education of your past you cant under stand your present and cant see your future. Frothier in this passage it puts numbers to what jobs will created or more available in the 21st century. The top ten include cashiers, janitors, retail salespersons, waiters and waitresses, registered nurses, general managers and top executives, security guards, nurses aides, orderlies, and attendants. Most of these jobs are low paying. Just a full time job to keep paying some bills, the majority of these jobs will keep those workers under the poverty line.

To understand the classification of the black race we need to know how they are put in to classes. In Exploitation and Exclusion Thomas D. Boston has broke down the way the black race is classified. “Historically, racial subjugation has created a unique class stratification among; blacks; one whose internal composition differs both quantitatively and qualitatively from that of whites. This inferior status is constantly regenerated by economic dynamics and the legal, cultural, the growing marginalization of the working class and the creation of a so-called black underclass are the result of declining manufacturing employment and growing international competition, which hit blacks hardest because institutional and employment discrimination have concentrated them disproportionately in the most vulnerable occupations.” To brake this quote down I have to put it in my own words. Over time racial control or enslavement has created a special class formation or deposition among blacks.

Their internal make-up is different in amount and quality of whites. There are reminded of their lower status legally, culturally and by being confined to a lower outer limit of social standings of the working class, the black underclass. This was used to explain to you in a different way the globalization effects blacks. Thomas starts on the 3 things we must look at in the race and class analyses. First we must look at the boundaries of the class and what factors are placing these groups into their class. Also we have to find the similarities to other classes. Then look at their interaction and see what the impact is on the interaction.

Then find the problems that are from the class interaction. 2nd we must see what relationship the classes and their collective identity have. 3rd we have to analyze the interaction among the race class and their ranking. Plus determine the effect of economic and social arrangement on the existing classes. In putting blacks in a class many problems can come about in the analyzing process. One problem is putting the black capitalist class with the black middle class.

“It is important to analyze the historical conditions responsible for maintaining its feeble existence because the black capitalists weak state could well be a major aspect of modern racial inequality. The black capitalist is the victim of a long history of illegal property expropriation, financial discrimination and, for many decades, a legalized system of racial segregation.” The inequality doesnt stop at the front door of ghettos. It does reach the property owners and investors, which are black. What is the black underclass? Is it a class segment, a class or a useful term at all? Who do we consider to be a black underclass? Would it be all the poor useless displaced in the inner city? Because if this is so than how can you take a single parent mother and a drug dealer that live on the same block? While she rides the bus to get to work or the grocery store the drug dealer is driving a brand new Lexus truck just to ride the streets. So what is class? Pryor defines class as: “the designation of a group i …