George Capaldi May 10 2000 Romeo & Juliet I think that the movie was a pretty good one. It did a good job of putting all the scenes in perspective, but there were some parts in the movie that were not necessary. They would always make out on the gallery for like seven hours just to say goodbye. Also when they showed the girls breasts, because they only showed them for like a third of a second, so why show them at all. When they showed Romeos ass, it was really forced to get into the movie, like a newly wed husband would really speak to his wife while showing her his ass, why doesnt he just bend over and talk out of his cheeks. I think Mercurtio should have been better looking and more masculine because he had nothing to back up his words.

If he called someone ugly it wouldnt be right because hes even uglier. Lets say he got in a fight because of his words he would get beat. They should have made Juliet more attractive because it didnt make sense how you could fall in love at first sight with a dog like her. I think that the casting ws really good like the nurse and Romeo, but Benevolio shouldnt have been as nerdy. But overall I think it was an alright movie.

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