Friendship has been around through out history. Caesar and Brutus, Caesar and Marc Antony have all had great friendships, but there are hard times when they disagree just like how Maggie and Rebecca were. They were the best of friends, almost family until one fight got in the way of their friendship. You can be best friends or even family and still have confrontations that you dont enjoy, As with Caesar and Brutus, or Maggie and Rebecca.

Perhaps the strongest friendship in the play was Caesar and Marc Antony. They had a unique bond with Caesar holding power and Marc Antony giving him assistance with it. Antony and Caesar cherished each other as friends because they did not have many of them at that time. Caesars friendship with Brutus was a different one though. Caesar thought they were good friends and had a reliable friendship but in the end it turned out that Brutus literally stabs Caesar in the back. Brutus and Cassius always had a friendship, but not one that I would want. Cassius needed Brutus for a friend and the way he got him was his superb pervasive talking to raise Brutus self esteem and make him feel good. So in a way Brutus was being used by who he though was his friend. Brutus and Portia had a great friendship. They loved each other very much and Portia was willing to do anything for Brutus but he was caught up in Cassius evil plans. Brutus was caught between the friendship of Portia or Cassius and unfortunately he chose Cassius. Caesar and Calpurnia had a strong friendship too. Calpurnia was not as strong willed as Portia but she obeyed Caesar and loved him dearly. Caesar felt that he was marginally better then her but still, he loved her. The last relationship Im going to talk about is Caesar and Cassius. They did not have a good friendship. Caesar felt Cassius was deceitful, untrustworthy, and a very sneaky person well Cassius felt Caesar was too power hungry and needed to be stopped. With each man thinking this there friendship was bound to never get off the ground.

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The friendship between Maggie and Rebecca was very strong. They would have Sunday dinners with their familys together, talk about sex, life and work. They shared everything, secrets, clothes, and even food. Their lives were good until they decided to set up a baby shower for their friend Juliette. Maggie at first got upset with Rebecca because she felt Rebecca wasnt helping with the shower at all and seeing as they were going to do it together Maggie felt used and abused. Rebecca felt she didnt need to help because her husband called everyone and she felt that she did her fair share, well this leads to a big argument with Juliette jumping in to try to make peace. A week went by and Juliette tried to get them to talk to eahc other, she went over to Rebeccas house to try to tell her to go talk to Maggie but Maggie interpreted wrong. She thought that Juliette was taking Rebeccas side and because of this miscommunication a great friendship, one that would last forever, is now gone. Juliette and Rebecca are now better friends but neither have talked to Maggie in three months. It just goes to show you not matter how good of friends you are, there will still be fights.

Friends come and go, youll always be able to make new ones but keeping the old ones is just as hard. Some friendships are strong and ever lasting, like Caesar and Antony, but others are just waiting for that one fight to break it up, like Maggie and Rebecca. I tend to think that the older friends will always be there, they always will give you the truth, and they will always accept your flaws. After all youve known each other for years. Like a teacher once told me, The best mirror is an old friend.