Football Personal Statement Describe and discuss a significant experience or achievement that has special meaning to you. The 1998 varsity football season was both a significant experience and achievement for me. It was so extraordinary that it defiantly has a special meaning to me. As a team we won North Coast Section (NCS) of California, Division III, and were ranked number one in the state, Division III. This immense reward was not simply given out to every team but instead we had to earn it.

After it was all over and completed I could truthfully say that earning it was not easy. One week after we got out for summer last year we started preparing ourselves physically for the upcoming season. As a team through the whole summer we lifted and ran four days a week. It was difficult because all the other high school kids were at the beach, while I was working hard in the gym or on the track. In the championship game I was the one out there while they were the ones in the stands wishing they could be a part of it all.

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That summer was when I knew varsity football was going to be a commitment. The night before we were going to begin double days, two practices every day for a week, we all slept in the gym as one group united as a team. During that evening we discussed and set goals that we would strive for and that would guide are season on a prosperous path. We came up with three goals: go undefeated, win NCS, and be number one in the state. From that point on I committed myself to the team and that it stood for and represented.

I knew this commitment would need my devotion and I felt I could make sacrifices in my life in order to be committed. We came into the season ranked number one and that meant we had to keep it. In order to maintain at the top we had to go undefeated. This was once again not easy because the season was mostly filled with tough opponents who would not simply allow us to win. I did not play the star role in these games but I was simply on two special teams, kick off and kick return, and played a little time at linebacker.

I still was part of it all by devoting myself 100% to every game and practice. We defeated our first nine opponents and ended up in the playoffs. We gave it our all and won two playoff games versus two of the most competitive opponents I have ever played. In the championship game the special teams I was on were unbelievable. The kickoff team caused the other team to turnover the ball and the return team returned the ball all the way for a touchdown, the first time all season.

I was part of both of these teams and am proud to say it. It was a game that brought me pride and happiness. I can now say that this season was well worth the commitment because the reward was so magnificent. We were not simply a championship team but a family. Throughout the season we bonded to each other and moved each week toward a common goal. It felt so good inside to have reach each of our goals.

I now look at the plaque on my wall and the championship football ring on my hand and words such as: pride, courage, commitment, sacrifice, and family come to mind. Bibliography none.