Starbuxman (11:45:02 PM): trying to defend firewalls should be a crime
ELITE BOO (11:46:17 PM): im not defending them, its only the facts. plus if you try to make that a crime, the world of computers would just laugh at your face
ELITE BOO (11:48:02 PM): btw, trying to download from nbci was a bitch, i had to create my own html file to link to them, twice!
Starbuxman (11:48:40 PM): the facts are a simpler, cleaner system is the way to go. Virus protection, firewalls and other idiocy only inhibit progress. and the firewall
would indeed inhibit an installation if it were one of the many programs/crap/variables free on the internet. Each time i send someone on AIM a file, they have to
disable the firewall. This is lost time.
Starbuxman (11:48:58 PM): And NBCI isn’t a bitch (or if it is, dont say it) rthey use PHP, atfer all
Starbuxman (11:49:08 PM): and sexy apache
ELITE BOO (11:50:24 PM): ive always had a firewall on while you sending me something through aim and never had to turn it off, shows how much you know about the
ELITE BOO (11:50:25 PM): m
Starbuxman (11:50:52 PM): hey senor i know plenty. kevin has a firewall. he has to turn it off.
ELITE BOO (11:51:01 PM): without having a firewall installed on your pc is a perfomance of idiocy
ELITE BOO (11:51:27 PM): kevin’s firewall therefor sucks or he has not configured it properly
Starbuxman (11:51:49 PM): and youre the one who uses it — youre te one whos lacking in knowledge. performance – another reason why firewalls can suck it —
theyre one more thing that inhibits my computers performance
ELITE BOO (11:51:58 PM): firewalls dont only come in the form of software niether, they are more common as hardware
ELITE BOO (11:52:41 PM): if a firewall lacks your computers perfomance so much that you notice it, then its quite obvious that your computer sucks
Starbuxman (11:52:59 PM): my old computer did suck.
Starbuxman (11:53:01 PM): and in those cases theyre not only all of the above, theyre expensive. basically theres not a single reason to use firewalls but to protect you
from yourself.
Starbuxman (11:53:14 PM): hardware. oy.
Starbuxman (11:53:29 PM): now youre making it an expense too. no thanks.
ELITE BOO (11:55:33 PM): of course there expensive, but its a single payment of 24hr protection… and how the hell can you say the only use of a firewall is to protect
yourself from you? that just shows of how much an idiot you can be when it comes down to this. firewalls are to protect your pc and the precious files you have stored in it
from the corruptive users of the internet
Starbuxman (11:58:11 PM): ” that just shows of how much an idiot you can be when it comes down to this. ” have i called you an idiot? no. Don’t lower yourself to it either.
and firewalls also cause tech support in leading law firms to come in and trouble shoot a network comp for hours because a network deployed application didnt correctly
install. the reason? some moron thought a firewall would be good idea inhibiting network acticivity with .exes. Firewalls do in the end tax your system if only a teeny bit
and they provide fodder to the fire when your system is itching for something to excuse a crash.
Starbuxman (11:59:03 PM): and firewalls do protect you from yourself: if youre awkward enough to expose yourself then you deserve to have to every file and download
monitored real time while it taxes your comp.
Starbuxman (11:59:43 PM): through in a virus check and you have another source of revenue for a company, as well, all because youre paronoid.
Starbuxman (12:00:31 AM): why are you paranoid? because youve might have caused or incited a virus from someone or you might have worked in something that would
provoke an attack. either way you shouldnt need a firewall in life.
Starbuxman (12:01:42 AM): for when they do work, it aint worth the work involved establishing and maintaining one. especially a hardware one. tinysoftware may be a nicely
deiosgned site.. but the fact that they make a good living off of your fear in lack of netizen manners is sad
Starbuxman (12:02:27 AM): then theres the fact that ve not seen a pretty taskbar icon. uuuugly.

Starbuxman (12:03:59 AM): and can the above be null? yep. sometimes people do go out and randomly attack. but the cost of buying one of these mothers would be better
spent on a means of securing your data so you can recover from a reformat. your system stays cleaner anyway.
ELITE BOO (12:06:46 AM): im sorry for the name calling but you put yourself in the hole… the lawfirm example that you used is also a horrible example, it just showed
that they didnt know how to install it properly or use theyre own firewall… and how can you expose yourself anymore than already just by being on the internet? just by
having a ip address whether dynamic or not makes you exposed. your connection to the internet just made you exposed! the only reason why companies have virus
scanners is not because there employees down off the web, its because they bring diskettes in from home of there work which could have been infected by something that
they download on there own pc and the virus scanner should stop you from opening it and exposing it to the network… i am paranoid because i get attacks on my computer
when im online just by being online reading a email or searchin yahoo or whatever….
ELITE BOO (12:07:33 AM): all this completely shows in every view that you would die and fall if you where to run your own network connected to the internet
ELITE BOO (12:10:14 AM): if you where correct then why doesn every network on the internet run a firewall? microsoft, starbucks, apple, yahoo, google, hotwired, etc…
why hell, the whole gang runs a firewall
ELITE BOO (12:10:58 AM): doesn = does
Starbuxman (12:11:33 AM): so be it. i’d rather have to clean up than to have to fear every person i meet or protect myself from nothing. that oone time when it does hit me,
ill be backed up. and a backup protects me from syste failure, user idiocy, outer viruses, and jackass hackers. a firewll protects me from one of them – the outer viruses.
further the backup isnt as taxing as a realtime monitor on the comp which makes less likely that ill ever need tto use the backup. to say nothing of it being cheaper.
Starbuxman (12:14:21 AM): and i am correct. firewalls are stupid. theyre not beneficial in the long run. i dont care wether starbucks or apple or google runs them.
quantity doesnt assure validity. there were after all more nazis then jews and more democrats than republicans.
Starbuxman (12:15:59 AM): as a conservative im a firm believer in the idea behind a firewall — that proaction is in the end better than reaction. but for the cost in this
particular case, it isn’t worth it.
ELITE BOO (12:16:03 AM): what are you saying? the backup is the supreme taxing, when you have especially a network thats supposed to be up and ready to go at all
times and all of a sudden its crashed by a cracker (not a hacker), how long do you think it will take you to recover your whole network of computers… you must reinstall all
the software, place back all the configurations, and all the documents that could be extremely vital that havent been backed up yet because back ups dont go by the
second, only like a week or something
Starbuxman (12:16:40 AM): and as weve seen by supposed experts like microsoft, if they wanna hack you, they will. firewall or not.
Starbuxman (12:17:28 AM): and a backup isnt extremely taxing. most companies perform one during lunch and during fter hours. the documents are stored on the
network, central, and its a piece of cake to pop in a tape drive and back ’em up.
ELITE BOO (12:17:51 AM): yes but its going to require a whole lotta enforcement for them to hack you. without having the firewall you make yourself a standing target for
every newbie cracker and wanna b
Starbuxman (12:17:56 AM): if youre on any kind of network at all then you have network liscenses meaning you can isntall quark from one comp on 30
ELITE BOO (12:19:14 AM): true, but you lose time and business, in a network, that is very vital and you as a republican should know that
Starbuxman (12:20:24 AM): so that takes care of os, documents, and software. nd as the backups are one time shots, that is they happen once and then dont bother
you, theyre much less taxing. There will of course be exceptions. there again its taken care of. if youre monitoring anything that important behind a fireall or not you
have it backed up constantly (which is why SQL Server has more than enough options for real time backups, not protection)
Starbuxman (12:20:32 AM): replication, i think it was called
Starbuxman (12:21:07 AM): with a firewal youd have the backup and the firewall, making irt slower. either way youre gonne haver th ebackup.

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Starbuxman (12:23:37 AM): and while you do lose time if you have to restore from a backup, the one time loss is considerably less than all the time invested in a
firewall — hardware especially.
Starbuxman (12:24:06 AM): which brings us round trip to my point: firewalls arent the solution.
Starbuxman (12:24:16 AM): theyre the beginnings of a problem, even
ELITE BOO (12:24:24 AM): of course sql has backing up options because its a database and a database doesnt protect itself, it relys on firewalls and other techniques
and it doesnt matter if your backing up anything through a firewall anyways because its doing it through LAN
Starbuxman (12:26:50 AM): and the end result s more time is spent byt he computers. and just because its a database doesnt immediately mean it’ll back itself up.
important network apps, however, will, and usually do. they do this, despite the firewalls. the reason: it’s a better and safer way to run. quarkxpress can be
configured to autosave the last however many iterations of a document, for example. same with word and lotus notes.
Starbuxman (12:27:19 AM): mysql doenst back itself up. the bakcing up is what seperates sql server from access and the rest.,
ELITE BOO (12:28:34 AM): blah, there is nothing more to be said on myside besides ive proven my points and i rest my case
Starbuxman (12:28:43 AM): same here.

Starbuxman (12:29:03 AM):
ELITE BOO (12:29:08 AM): so, im pressing the F5 button, how are you?
Starbuxman (12:29:26 AM): surprisingly horny.
ELITE BOO (12:29:43 AM): stuff i didnt need to know and lived a life with a future
Starbuxman (12:31:09 AM): whaddya doing tomorrow @ 3ish?
ELITE BOO (12:31:51 AM): im going to be at the mall