Even though the testes and urethra are close together, the sperm must travel through a long tube called the vas deferns, to reach the urethra and the penis. The sperm is made in the testes. The sac that keeps the sperm at the correct temperature is called the scrotum. The sperm leaves the body through the tube called the urethra.

The sperm is deposited by the male in the vagina in the female’s body. The sperm must then swin to the egg to meet with an ovum.There are about hundreds of million of sperms that go into the female at first, then once it is in her longer more die and there is only about hundred of thousands of sperms, and after it travel through the falopian tubes it comes to only thousands of sperm, once the sperm has reached the egg there are only two little sperms that made it. If the sperm and the egg unite to form a fertilized egg, the developing baby will live in the wall of the uterus for nine months. Then it will come to the outside world through the cervix and the vigina during birth.

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It is amazing to think that the new baby started from a little ovum that was produced in the ovary of the mother and the tiny sperm that was made in the testes of the father. When the egg and the sperm came together in the ovatact, fertilization took place and a new life began to grow.