Reflect on the project you have chosen completed. Has your perception been altered in anyway? Was it easy to be empathetic? Consider issues in your term project relationship that would benefit from the use of empathy. Use your empathy building skills. What are you the results? Use specific examples.

The event, which I attended, was called “Music-a-la-Carte” with the presentation, being the four handed piano. I had no idea as to what was attending except that it included music. At this particular event, I learned that older people ages 50-90 are watching a music presentation, as well as some grandchildren. A younger lady introduced two older ladies who were performing the music. The older ladies then told some stories behind the music, for example the story of Cinderella. The women dressed up in their nice dresses and the men in their nice slacks. I also noticed a special education group was attending and they seemed to be dancing with the music.

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I identified this function as a group of music lovers. At first I thought that a lot of people be singing boring old songs (from my impression of the title). But in actuality my perception was altered and the two ladies were playing together on the piano (four hand) and elders, young children, and a special education group were all enjoying it. It was easy for me to be empathetic for the simple fact I used to play the piano. I had no idea the piano was going to be used, but I did enjoy the event. I understand how my perception of the event had me somewhat empty minded going into the function, and in fact was not a bad thing at all!