Draft number three was improved due to the experience of writing that I have encountered throughout this assignment. I have learned that thoughts cannot be generalized onto paper, and opinionated reasoning must be supported with factual statements. The purpose of the third draft was to show, or at least give a small view, of how immense the battle against drugs across America prevails.
The idea for my subtopic of an immigrants success through opium distribution in America emerged after reading an anecdote featuring Anthony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who was lured into the black market and as a result, became one of the wealthiest men ever to succeed fame and fortune in the United States.
I began by expressing my concern about the United States Government, but then I site examples of the immensity and corruption that underlies the drug world and how it makes an ideal clean up a near impossibility. In my concluding sentence I may need to make a change in explaining the problem to be a result of addiction where as before, I implied that it seemed to have to do with money.

Before this writing and research process, I was naive to the policies and practices of drug trafficking related with immigration – including the laws, exceptions, and threatening hazards that roam in the territory. I now have more knowledge that can be used to expand on the subject of opium related narcotic allocation.
While reading two of my fellow peers drafts, I was able to determine where they used active reading and dialectic thinking, all to my advantage. Their examples guided my thinking, so when I returned to advance in my research, I began taking notes on other peoples comments about my topic, and why I thought they believed in the things they said. I have found that by doing this, I am able to analyze the sources while avoiding the presence of opposing sides.
Prior to this writing assignment, I had not considered that the most critical form of alacrity any writer must take is to read, understand, and follow the particular instructions given. Failure is a choice one chooses when obedience is left un-chosen. I discovered this procedure determines ascendancy or abortion in ones final result. The comments which pursued my original paper stated that I should pay closer attention to the specific instructions. As I compare my original drafts, I see from an alternative point of view that I am given room for improvement as I strive to pay closer attention to smaller details in order to appreciate effective writing in the future.

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