Colonists How would our country have been different if the colonists had landed on the Pacific Coast instead of the Atlantic? The country might have been less developed in the area of the United States, and the nations capital might have been in California or some other state on the West coast of the United States. What might have been some changes if it would have been on the West coast? The Nations Capital could have possibly been in California or in another West coast state, and it might have not been called Washington D.C. The states might have had different names and locations. Less developed East Coast could have possibly been a change. The Civil War might have taken place in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, And California. The East Coast might have been the youngest area of the United States. Different people might have settled here.

Japan or Russia could have settled here and we might all be speaking Russian or Japanese. The United States might have not been called the United States but it might be called something else. If the Colonists have settled on the West Coast the United States would have been different in many ways. Other people might have established the United States and we might not have been called Americans. We are lucky that the Colonists settled on the East coast and not the West or the United States might have been different in a lot of ways. History Essays.

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