Changing An Event There are many of things that I would like to change in the last one hundred years, but out of all my choices I would have to change the Holocaust. Some of the reasons I would change this terrible thing is because of all the wrong things that happened, and what happened then still happens to day. Whether it happened is not a matter of opinion. The holocaust did happen and it was a terrible thing. There are many of people that say it never happened but there is no room for denial in a topic like this.

There are so many wrong things that happened during the holocaust. One of the worst things I believe that happened were the murders and killings. Twelve million people were killed in every possibly way. The murders were done by every means imaginable but most of the victims were killed by shooting, starvation, disease, and poison gas. Others were tortured to death or died in horrible medical experiments. Another thing that I dislike about the holocaust was how millions of people were getting killed and nobody did anything about it. When millions of people were getting killed why didnt any one in Germany or the countries bordering Germany do anything to stop it? Why did people just let it happen? Why did it take almost five years for the allies to realize what the German Nazi Party was doing, was wrong? After the holocaust the pain for the survivors didnt end. Thousand of the survivors were forced out of countries because they were homeless and weren’t able to work as well as others.

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Many of them couldnt go to there homeland because mad mobs pushed them out. It wasnt until Israel declared independence that Jewish people and other survivors were aloud to live there. Most of the other survivors were aloud to come to America and live. Lots of the things that happened during the Holocaust still effects hatred today. People are forming new groups that discriminate people and some people end up dead.

Even though we cant change the past we can make a better future. ( a lot of info was found off of the web on ).