The article I read was entitled “Fooling Mother Nature”. It was found in the April 2001 issue of MuscleMag International. The article revealed some of the latest techniques that modern bodybuilders have been using when steroids just are not enough. The two techniques mentioned are calf implants and the sight injection of an oil called Synthol.
Although calf implants are banned by nearly all bodybuilding federations, it is still commonplace among competitors and recreational bodybuilders. The idea behind them is inserting a bendable piece of material behind the calf muscle via a whole behind the knee. Thus bringing calf size up to proportion with the rest of the body.
Synthol has also been a hot topic in the world of bodybuilding recently. It is an oil consisting of fatty acids and painkillers that injected into smaller muscles in order to make the body more proportionate. There are many reports of big name bodybuilders using this stuff. Including a man who has competed for the Mr. Olympia title many times; Milos Sarchev. He almost died when he injected it wrong. So this stuff can be dangerous even when used by pros.

I believe both of these methods of gaining a larger physique are cheating. It is like taking credit for something you did not work hard to earn. It gives huge disadvantages to natural competitors. The problem with the pros is that there is big money at stake. When someone gets bigger, they all have to keep up. A lot of people are trying to solve the problem and get it banned now at all levels of competition so that will be a good thing both ethically and for the health of the sport.

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