Have you ever wondered who gets to attend the countrys selective colleges and universities? The really smart kids, the hard workers, star athletes, artists, singers, mathematicians, writers, alumni children? Of course universities want them all. But what about when it comes to race? Suddenly the stakes of getting in are raised. How many African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Whites should there be in each class? Should acceptance to a school depend on a persons race?
Well I believe that acceptance to a school shouldnt be depended on the race of a person. I believe this because its like judging a book by it cover, it doesnt always work out. Let me give you an example just because youre Asian doesnt mean that youre going to be smart, know how to fix a computer, or be a crappy driver. Actually we should all be thought of equals and our race shouldnt matter in being accepted into a college. Colleges shouldnt administer students onto there campuses to keep diversity, but let their capability determine their entrance. College admissions should be determined by academic performance/capabilities instead of ones ethnicity just to increase diversity in the college atmosphere.

However, there is another side to this raging debate over affirmative action. There are a more then a handful of minorities that are qualified for admission, but need that extra help affirmative action grants in order to get admission into that top tier university. Some of these people come from economically challenged backgrounds, they meet the requirements that universities require, but do not excel as some of more competitive students that apply. In these type of situations affirmative action, grants admission to the economically challenged student, rejecting the more qualified one. But who are we to say that the kid from the wrong side of tracks, that was raised with seven brothers and sisters, most of whom havent been to college; doesnt disserve his chance to be the first in his family over the pure bread tutored child? For an ethnic minority, the difference between a junior college and UCLA can be cataclysmic.
To summarize my opinion regarding affirmative action; I am not supportive of it even though I am a minority. However, I do realize that it does aid some of those in disadvantageous circumstances a chance at colleges they normally would have a difficult time getting into with an average GPA (competing mostly with 4.0s).

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