I. Introduction
Do you believe that there is extra terrestrial life? Well, what would you do if you found out that you werent born on earth? In Margarets case, she went back to her home planet. This story takes place in Willstead, North Carolina in the year 2005. She was found on earth when she was 2 months old, after she went away from her home planet; the name of their species was Tesseract. The Murries adopted her after they married a year before. Several years after she grew up as a normal 10-year-old girl, but had no idea of her past and that she was adopted.

II. Body
A. She was adopted by the Murries
1. They found her in a dark alley
2. She was raised along with her
a. Twin brothers
I) Sandy
II) Dennis
b. A younger brother
I) Charles Wallace
B. Weird things were happening
1. Margaret met a Mrs. Whatsit who stole a blanket
a. She stole it because she was an ET; earth was too cold for her.

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2. She started to give Margaret nice things to win her confidence.

3. Mrs. Whatsit told Margaret that she was an ET.

4. Margaret didnt believe her.

a. She slowly started to see why she had to be an ET.

C. Mrs. Whatsit started explaining things.

1. She went to the park with Margaret each day
a. She described their planet
2. Margaret was sent to earth because their was a computer mistake
a. It caused a wrinkle in time
D. The return
1. Margaret took an exam
a. To see if she would be able to return to her home planet
2. The Murries were planning on a trip to the beach
a. Margaret stayed home, it was a perfect time to go back to her planet
3. Mrs. Whatsit had a small device which she pointed to the sky
a. A warp portal appeared
4. After Margaret and Mrs. Whatsit went through it they arrive in a beautiful village.

5. Margaret left a note to the Murries explaining where she belongs.

6. There was one thing that was very new there
a. 1 month there equals 1 year on earth.
III. Conclusion
In conclusion I think that Margaret did the right thing because she chose to stay with the people she feels comfortable with and she left a note to the Murries. It must be hard to feel normal knowing that all this time you were never human, thank you.

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